Akili and Habans Receive Charter Renewals

On December 12th, the Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (BESE) voted to give Akili Academy a six-year renewal of its charter. This decision was based on the 2017 School Performance Scores, which measure student achievement based upon state standardized tests. Akili received a score of 70 (a nearly 8-point increase over last year) and moved from a D to C grade. Of the 84 schools in New Orleans:
  • Akili was one of only seven K-8 schools to grow a letter grade
  • Akili had the second highest growth of all K-8 schools in the city
  • Akili was awarded 9 out of a possible 10 points progress points for making significant growth with its most struggling students
Akili Academy is led by Principal Allison Lowe, a veteran educator and native New Orleanian.

“Akili’s growth, both in SPS score and letter grade, reflect the hard work that our students and staff put in each and every day. With the six-year renewal of our charter, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to educate and inspire the children of Akili Academy for years to come,” said Principal Lowe.Paul Habans Charter School, the most recent addition to the Crescent City Schools network, also received a renewal of its charter. Habans, which was a failing school when Crescent City Schools assumed operations, improved its SPS by 20 points in the past two years, and received a three-year renewal of its charter as a result.

“Paul Habans is on the rise. In just two years, our School Performance Score has increased from a 39 to a 60, exiting the failing category and showing strong growth two years in a row. Habans is proud to have BESE’s support as we move into the next phase of turnaround work, growing to a C grade and beyond,” said Principal Elisabeth LaMotte-Mitchell.

“As we continue to raise standards for academic excellence in our city, I think the progress made by students at both Akili and Habans is a testament to the dedication of our students and staff to increasing educational achievement,” said Crescent City Schools CEO Kate Mehok.