Board Member Spotlight: Lakeisha Green

Habans parent, Lakeisha Green, eagerly made the decision to serve as a CCS board member. Although her work with the Department of Health keeps her busy, the mother of two describes herself as a “school mom,” saying “I was already always at the school and involved.”  Green is referring to her time spent at Habans,…

Aurora Program Has A New Home

During the 2016-17 academic year, CCS began its Aurora Program, an alternative education program that provides additional educational and behavioral support to some of its highest-need students. The program initially served scholars from kindergarten through 3rd grade but has expanded to include scholars up to 8th grade. After three years in temporary facilities, the Aurora…

Providing Student meals

Schools provide student meals during statewide closure

Louisiana public schools have shut down statewide to prevent the further spread of coronavirus — but that isn’t stopping local schools from providing the meals that many students rely on daily. School officials were able to unlock federal funding for summer meals and an increasing number of schools throughout the city will be able to provide breakfast…


Habans takes D.C.

For the first time, Habans scholars and chaperones had the adventure of flying to D.C. for their annual 7th grade trip. Their 4-day experience, lead by Principal Elisabeth LaMotte-Mitchell, included a full itinerary of museums, monuments, memorials, and the creation of many great memories!