jasmine graves black

Director of Student Culture, Paul Habans Charter School
Joined the Team in 2013

Jasmine GravesBlack-Clemons is the Director of Culture at Paul Habans Charter School. Jasmine, an educator since 2002, has taught grades 2-9 in public as well as private school settings. She was a member of a group of lawyers and law students that sponsored and co-founded a mentoring program for at-risk girls from middle school to college. Jasmine has travelled extensively and enjoys sharing her experiences with her students. In 2015, 70% of her 7th grade social studies scholars scored Basic or above on LEAP exams. She holds a bachelor’s degree in African American and African studies, with a minor in Philosophy, from Ohio State University, and she received a Juris Doctor, Common Law certificate, and certificate in International Law from Loyola University of New Orleans, College of Law and passed the Louisiana Bar Exam in October 2009. Jasmine anticipates completing her Master’s in Education Leadership from Louisiana State University in Summer 2020. Jasmine is originally from Cleveland Heights, Ohio and has lived in New Orleans for 14 years.