Scholars Celebrate Being 100 Days Smarter


On Friday, February 2nd, Akili and Habans scholars celebrated their 100th day of school. Check out the photos from the day as scholars celebrated being 100 days smarter.

Akili scholars celebrated by exploring what they may look like at 100 years old.

Habans PreK-2 scholars celebrated their 100th day by using the various mathematical concepts that can be taught by using the number 100.

PreK-2 Director of Curriculum and Instruction Shanda Gentry focuses on the importance of this day at the very beginning of the school year. “From the very first day of school, we began tracking the number of days they’ve been in school in anticipation of the 100th day,” says Gentry. “It’s this anticipation that is the first math lesson, as the days are often marked using coffee stirrers or Popsicle sticks, ten of which become a “ten bundle,” paving the way to counting by tens and ones.”