SPS Show Habans #1 Open Enrollment School in NOLA for Growing Scholars


Excellence! Today’s release of School Performance Scores for the 2017-2018 school year from the Louisiana Department of Education show that Paul Habans has received an “A” grade in student growth and is ranked #1 for growth among K-8 open-enrollment schools. We are advancing student learning from one year to the next at a rate that exceeds the averages of both the state and the city and ranks us among the top performing schools in NOLA.

In addition to being #1 in growth, Habans advanced a letter grade in overall SPS.

“We were once an ‘F’ school and now we’re a ‘C.’ Our open-enrollment school is competing with the most selective schools in New Orleans. Habans is on the rise, and we are proud to serve the community of Algiers and proud of our students and staff for their continued growth,” said Elisabeth LaMotte-Mitchell, Principal of Habans. Following this academic year, Habans has advanced to an overall SPS grade of “C” and outperformed the city’s average SPS.