The Debut of “A Night at History Makers’ Hall” Honors Black History Month at Habans


Habans concluded Black History Month by honoring influential African Americans who have shaped the culture of New Orleans. The Paul Habans original production, “A Night at History Makers’ Hall” showcased the talents of scholars in grades 2-8. The play took the audience on a journey to the magical History Makers’ Hall and was performed by the grades 6-8 drama classes. The production featured Haitian dance, step, swing dance, tap dance, choir music, the drumline & majorettes, a drama performance by the 3rd grade, and a shadow puppet performance by the grades 6-8 art classes.

Director of Expanded Learning Sara Fleming was excited to see her students work together to create the production.“Students have been practicing for weeks, if not months, in preparation for their performances,” she said. Students have not only learned the nuts and bolts of their performance but also have learned about the history and cultural significance of their performances.”


This annual event at Habans is something that has brought the community together for years. “The event celebrates and strengthens our community at Habans. Students not only learn about their culture and history but also learn to take pride in it,” says Fleming. “It is a time for students to recognize events and people of the past that help to inspire them to build a better future for themselves and their community.”

You can watch the full performance of “A Night at History Makers’ Hall” here.